The proposals for Panels, Roundtables, and Minicourses will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.

Proposals might be sent until 12/05 at the website

Instructions to Roundtable proposals


  • Roundtables will be proposed by a Ph.D.-holding scholar.

  • The proponent will contact and invite two or, at most, three other Ph.D.-holding scholars of different institutional affiliations.

  • All roundtable participants should be from different institutions.

  • The proposals must contain:


1) The general title of the Roundtable;

2) An abstract containing objectives and justification of the Roundtable with at least 500 characters.

3) Name of all participants of the table, with the indication of the moderator;

4) Receipt of payment from all participants (e-mailed to receipt of payment for each participant)


Registration fee:

10/01-11/24/2019 – R$ 295,00

11/25-12/05/2019 – R$ 325,00


There will be no refund of the registration payment under any circumstances.


Note: The Roundtable participant is not allowed to propose a Panel.